F.A.K. 120 Part 2 (4-channel Audio and Video)

F.A.K. 120, part 2, is part of a video triptych for four-channel audio and video, composed in 2015. For this section, I chose to focus on the emotive aspect that can be communicated through the work, carefully considering the color palette and the morphological quality of the sonic and visual elements.

Originally premiered at Arizona State University, Feb 2015, Katzin Recital Hall. Since youtube does not support multichannel audio, this is a stereo version.

There Are Ghosts (2-channel Audio and Video)

There Are Ghosts is a video work that explores the relationship between sound and image through the figurative, abstract and narrative forms of storytelling. The piece is deliberately non-linear and fragmented in order to replicate the functioning of a spectre whose existential crisis remains after the termination of its corporeal state.

Premiered at the University of North Texas CEMI concert series, also selected for performance at CINESONIKA 2 Simon Fraser University Surrey Theatre, British Columbia, Canada, 2012. Additional performances at Soundcrawl 2012, "Art of the Future" exhibition, Nashville, TN; the 2012 Studio 300 BYTE Gallery at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY; The University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios, October Electroacoustic Music Concert, Becker Communications Building, Lecture Hall, room 101, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; and also received an Honorable Mention at the Fresh Minds Festival 2013 at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

Err Prenne (2-channel Audio and Video)

Err Prenne is merely a signifier. That is, it is self-referential, representing only the act of experiencing the work.

Hologram (Dancers, 2-channel Audio, 3-channel Video)

Hologram was a live intermedia piece that explored the idea of transforming the sanctity of space through dramaturgy, and the juxtaposition of dichotomous representations of the human being. Cognitive dissonance was achieved by simultaneously playing with ideas of the holy, profane, and perhaps pornographic, through visual and sonic elements. The performance almost didn't take place because of the subject material.

I served as the director of the collaborative group, audio and video processing, and catalyst for the idea. Rachel Albright worked with the dancers and contact improvisation, as well as some video processing. Eric Sharif Raba helped compile some of the raw, unprocessed, video footage.

David Stout, who was the professor of the class in which this took place, Intermedia Performance Art, motivated and inspired exploration and experimentation, as well as being a great mentor.

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